traditional woodburners

Our tops picks of our top performing, cost effective traditional woodburners ideal for featuring inside good old fashioned brick fireplaces.

Our range goes far beyond this, so if nothing is grabbing you please do contact us.


This model is simply amazing! It comes with decades of evolution from woodwarm burning technology and marries with a timeless classic styling. Comes in a variety of sizes to suit any home!


A stove that has been tried and tested by ourselves and many happy clients over many years! Comes with a lovely modern look and a great big view of the fire.


A reliable and efficient stove that comes in 2 popular sizes the 40cm portrait and 45cm landscape.

dartmoor w5 eco

Great hard working stove designed and built in UK by Dean Forge. It has a lovely wide view of the fire and excellent controllability…

parkray aspect 5 eco

Remember your parents or grandparents old Parkray?!? Well the brand is still going strong and it’s well and truly updated. Lots of choices in the aspect range to suit almost any situation…

stockton 5 wide

Looking for a timeless classic that fits a medium size living room fireplace but has feels bigger and better, the Stovax Stockton 5 Wide comes in either single door or double door versions…