our sweeps & repairs services

We are City and Guilds Trained and come with over 12 years experience installing, suppling, repairing, engineering and maintaining woodburning stoves, fireplaces and chimneys across the East & West Midlands. We’ve repaired and maintained a variety of chimneys from inglenooks in tudor cottages to ultra modern contemporary stoves and engineered repairs to numerous stoves and fireplaces. See below a list of services we offer. 

chimney sweeping

Expect a meticulous brush, sweep and vacuum of your chimney flue by a City and Guilds trained technican plus a Sweep certificate issued upon completion. See more detailed information on our sweeps below.

cowls & chimney caps fitting

We supply, fit and replace cowls and chimney caps helping to prevent unwanted downdraughts & stop unwanted birds nesting. 

breakdown services

Woodburner not working as it should do, doesn’t sound right? Stove pipe cement cracking? Brick liner dropping off? Woodburner door not closing properly? Our HETA approved technicans will get it back up, running and safe!

woodburning stoves serviced

Our HETAS approved technicans will give your woodburning stove a thorough service to make sure it’s running smoothly, efficiently and it’s safe.

bird nest removals & prevention

We have removed numerous birds nests in chimneys over the years and also supply & fit birdguards to prevent birds nesting or entering your chimney flue in the future.  

fireplace repairs

We have restored and engineered repairs to many woodburners over the years! Repairs can include anything from rust removal, fixing broken pieces of cast iron to repairing cracks in the fireplace insert

chimneys sweeped in 5 precise steps

A sweeping service takes just roughly 45 minutes but we are extremely thorough! Our technicians will arrive with all of the latest cutting-edge equipment, and once we’re all set up, we’ll carry out your service. See more details below on our chimney sweeping process.


First we prep the chimney before cleaning commences. This can include ensuring the opening of the chimney breast wall is free of obstruction, removing a gas fire, disconnecting any inset gas for safety reasons or making a small opening in the breast to enable us to sweep the flute if the original opening has been boarded over.


Then we’ll look for any indications of faults or what could cause future problems. These can include a build up of debris in the opening of the fireplace, big fragments of pargeting or evidence of a bird’s next within the chimney opening.

soot & dust prevention

Once the opening is cleaned we then completely cover and seal the opening of the fireplace with a special sweep cloth to prevent soot and dust escaping during the sweep.

the sweep

We then begin the sweeping process using viper rods (professional sweep rods), which reach up to 35m and are designed for one continuous sweep, from bottom to top. Once complete we then remove the sheeting to inspect the debris and keep an eye out for any potential problems. If excessive debris has been produced we’ll vacuum before removing the sheet to keep your property clean.

sweep certificate

We then fill out a chimney sweep certificate which will specify the condition of the appliance, flue and stack, as well as notes for the next inspection. This is imperative as some insurance companies will no longer pay out for chimney fire damage unless the flue has been swept and maintained by a professional chimney sweep and issued a valid certificate of sweeping.



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